Our veins are more than just the blue lines that crisscross our skin; they are an important part of our aesthetic health. When our veins are hidden or hard to find, it could make activities like blood donation difficult. If our veins are too prevalent, it could lead to embarrassment and may lead to use changing the way we dress and present ourselves.

When veins are bulging and too noticeable, we automatically assume they will be on our legs. Varicose and spider veins present a significant problem to millions of Americans as they grow older, but they can be covered with pants or leggings. What do you do about bulging veins which occur in the face? This is where VeinGogh and the Palomar Icon 1064 laser can help.

Palmetto Vein & Aesthetic Center proudly offers these two innovative and safe services to our residents in the Lexington area. Call today for your free consultation.

Why do Facial Veins Bulge?

The health of a vein is directly tied to the blood flow within it. When everything is running normal, and the blood is flowing smoothly, the vein remains the same it always has. When the blood flow changes, the vein swells up and begins to stick out. This is often caused by gravity, our body weight and the aging process.

Bulging veins aren’t necessarily a health hazard, but they take away from the aesthetics of our body. When bulging veins occur in the face, it’s especially bad because of how exposed our faces are.

Treatment for Bulging Facial Veinsveingogh

Palmetto Vein & Aesthetic Center features two innovative laser solutions for your bulging facial veins.

VeinGogh: By generating a thin microburst of energy, VeinGogh reduces vein size by destroying the vein from the inside. A thin needle, no larger than a piece of hair, is inserted into the vein to heat it and collapse the vein’s walls. The collapsed vein is then safely absorbed into the body and the blood is redirected into a different vein.

Depending on what kind of veins you’re treating, appointments can last anywhere between 15 min to a half hour. This treatment features no downtime, meaning you can resume your normal life immediately following treatment. As far as pain goes, there is a pinch when the needle is placed into the vein, but it’s often compared to having a hair pulled out from your head.

Palomar Icon 1064: This is using a different technique to accomplish the same goal. Instead of using a needle to provide heat to a vein from the inside, the Palomar Icon 1064 system uses a laser to pierce through the skin and heat the vein from the outside. The same basic theory holds as the VeinGogh treatment. We will heat the vein until it clogs and collapses, eventually being absorbed into the body. The only difference is the method used.

Palomar Icon 1064 appointment times will also vary, but will often be completed under an hour’s time. It also features no downtime and very few, if any, side effects.

Choosing The Method Right for You

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