Are you looking for a way to eliminate unattractive scarring? Palmetto Vein & Aesthetic Center is pleased to offer the Palomar Icon 1540 fractional laser and the Picosure Focus Array for this purpose. These revolutionary machines effectively deliver non-ablative laser energy to address shallow scarring without damaging surrounding skin and tissue. Unlike ablative laser treatments, these fractional lasers offers impressive results without significant discomfort and an extended recovery process. Having both of these lasers available also means that all skin types can be treated.

What is fractional laser resurfacing?

Fractional resurfacing is a precise skin rejuvenation treatment that targets micro areas of skin while leaving surrounding skin and tissue intact. The penetration of the laser stimulates the body’s own healing process, which results in more collagen production and smoother skin. When the treatment is used to address acne or surgical scars, additional collagen gradually improves their appearance until scarring is nearly invisible on the skin’s surface.

Benefits of the Palomar® Icon 1540 Fractional Laser at our Lexington, SC office

We have chosen the Palomar® Icon 1540 fractional laser for our Lexington patients for a number of reasons:

  • This device is very effective on lighter types of skin
  • The procedure involves little discomfort and downtime afterward
  • Patients enjoy long-lasting results after just a few treatment sessions
  • The procedure involves no incisions, anesthesia or recovery period
  • The procedure is relatively quick, allowing patients to fit in treatment without a major disruption to their daily schedule

Benefits of the Picosure® Focus Array

We have chosen the Picosure® Focus Array to compliment the Palomar Icon 1540 for numerous reasons, including:

  • This laser is very effective for darker shades of skin
  • Little to no downtime with minimum discomfort
  • Uses gentle, non-ablative force to get the job done
  • An outpatient treatment, allowing patients to return to their daily activities after the procedure has been completed

How does the procedure work?

Treatments with these lasers can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. An integrated cooling device keeps the skin at a comfortable temperature throughout treatment. Most patients experience little discomfort during the procedure and can return to regular activities immediately following treatment.

What about results?

You will experience some mild skin redness after the procedure, which may persist for a few days. Some patients also report a feeling of heat to the skin, similar to sunburn. Positive results from fractional laser treatment typically appear over time, and patients may require a series of treatment sessions before those results become apparent.

Will I need more than one treatment?

At your first appointment, we will evaluate the depth of your scarring and listen to the results you desire before counseling you on the number of treatment sessions you might need.

The Palomar Icon 1540 fractional laser and the Picosure Focus Array offer effective options for Lexington and Columbia residents looking to say goodbye to unattractive scarring left behind from surgery, injury or acne. To learn more about these revolutionary treatments, contact Palmetto Vein & Aesthetic Center at 803-359-8346.