The skin is a living organism. It grows and changes as time goes on, and not always for the better. When our skin begins to decline, it’s important that we do whatever we can to rejuvenate it and bring it back into shape.

One of the safest and most reliable ways to revitalize the skin is by using the PicoSure® Focus Array laser. This innovative laser technique uses a different entry method to provide faster and better results than traditional laser treatments. Palmetto Vein & Aesthetic Center is ready to tell you all about this high-tech, modern method of skin revitalization, also known as the PicoFacial.

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PicoFacial Skin Revitalization

There are plenty of things which can affect the skin as we get older. Some are genetic deficiencies like skin pigmentation and rosacea, whereas others are the unfortunate signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. But for as different as these conditions are, their treatment options are the same: laser therapy.

Unlike the heat action that traditional laser systems use, The PicoSure® Focus Array system treats the skin differently. It uses short pulses to encourage collagen growth, allowing the skin to react to the pulses, but receive no damage from it. The pulses can be focused to distribute around 10% of the machine’s power to a specific area, leaving the other 90% to massage the deeper layers of skin gently.

The rapid pulse of the PicoFacial is specifically designed to revitalize the skin without damaging it. A lot of treatments are designed to heal the skin by slightly damaging it, letting the body heal it naturally. The more gentle rapid-pulses benefit the skin in the same way, only without the damage.

Benefits of the PicoFacial Skin Revitalization

You’ll see the benefits of skin revitalization beyond just how it looks. Some of the benefits of skin revitalization are:

  • Gentler treatment for your skin- There is no heat, and no burn to damage the skin
  • No downtime- You can go straight from our office to yours without any waiting
  • Fast results- You’re able to see results after your first treatment
  • Treats a variety of issues – rosacea, freckles, skin pigmentation and wrinkles are just a handful of some of the benefits

The PicoFacial Treatment

Treatment is straightforward and simple. All it takes is a systematic path, taken by a member of our medical team, over your skin with the PicoSure® Focus Array system. A handheld wand is gently moved over your chosen treatment area and is completed in around an hour’s time.

Your initial consultation is important because it’s during this meeting that we’ll go over your aesthetic goals and discuss how skin revitalization can help. We’ll also help you after your treatment as well. We’ll tell you what you can expect following treatment and how you can take care of your new skin.

If you’re tired of how your skin is maturing, call our office today for your initial consultation.